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DriveMod Video: How Industrial Organizations Drive Themselves

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NARRATOR. Did you know that if you want to bring full autonomy to your industrial fleet — all you need is one solution?


Introducing DriveMod. DriveMod is Cyngn’s end-to-end, fully autonomous vehicle technology. It’s been designed from the ground up to bring a safe, flexible, and scalable autonomy solution to industrial vehicle fleets.


BIAO MA: Whether you run a warehouse,


DAVID ZHOU: A commercial mine,


CHANGKAI ZHOU: Or a construction site, 


KYLE STANHOUSE: DriveMod taps into the systems of your existing vehicles,


DAVID ZHOU: So you can tap into autonomy today.


KYLE STANHOUSE: A lot of organizations think it’s going to be years before autonomous vehicle technology comes to their environment. But this technology is available now.


CHANGKAI ZHOU: This technology is available now in the vehicles you already own.


NARRATOR. In addition to being a comprehensive solution, DriveMod has been engineered with safety in mind. The AI models that power DriveMod, were trained on the most complex driving domain of them all — urban streets. This rigorous training process ensures the safety of your autonomous vehicle deployment across a variety of domains.


DAVID ZHOU: The best part about DriveMod is it’s designed to work within your existing workflow. For example, vehicles can either drive themselves or you can switch them into manual mode and let a human operator take over.


NARRATOR: DriveMod doesn’t end with self-driving technology. In fact, deploying DriveMod is just the beginning. It means you get to take advantage of automated data pipelines. With the help of artificial intelligence and easy-to-understand, configurable dashboards, you can turn real-time data into actionable insights, helping you reduce costs across the supply chain, organize logistics more effectively, and predict when vehicles need to be repaired.


Perhaps most important of all, DriveMod comes with over-the-air updates, which means as the system learns more about your environment, it’ll get more intuitive and sophisticated along the way.

KYLE STANHOUSE: Integrating DriveMod into your operation is relatively simple. It begins by identifying the deployments that are most mission-critical for your organization.


CHANGKAI ZHOU: Once we determine which solution to deploy,


DAVID ZHOU: We then go to work with the implementation. We start by mapping your building, gathering data, and deploying a rapid prototype.


BIAO MA: With more data and more testing, we can scale that deployment across your organization.


NARRATOR: DriveMod makes it easy to bring autonomy to the vehicles you already own. Tap into these future-facing capabilities today.


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