360°Awareness to Keep Your Employees Safe

DriveMod comes equipped with redundant sensing and communication mechanisms to ensure greater safety.

Each year, the manufacturing industry experiences thousands of injuries. Forklifts are particularly dangerous with more than 90,000 injuries in the U.S. alone. Each incident comes with safety inspections, expensive workers’ compensation claims — all with an average cost of $42,000 per accident.

Safety is Our Number One Priority

Protect Your Employees With DriveMod's Advanced Safety Suite

By deploying our autonomous vehicles, your organization can elevate its safety standards to new heights, breaking the cycle of costly incidents to create a safer, more positive, and productive work environment.


DriveMod Makes Decisions Instantly

Our Decision Engine is 3x faster than a human driver and 3D Lidars bring complete 360° vision to the vehicle.

Generating a rich 3D rendering, our system gets the information it needs to make instant decisions about its surroundings and to keep your workers out of harm's way. Through accurate assessment of threats and proactive anticipation of movements, the vehicle can achieve safe motion and avoid potential collisions — damn near instantly.


Our Vehicles Stop On A Dime

Our collision avoidance system, Virtual Bumper, is a redundant sensor and compute package that doubles the number of systems responsible for safety.

Utilizing a network of in-vehicle sensors, our Virtual Bumper extends in front of the vehicle and automatically stops it to prevent collisions. By dynamically adapting its protective field according to the vehicle's speed your operations can continue to run smoothly without the risk of costly accidents.


Automation Protects Employees from Physical Stress

Safety goes way beyond preventing accidents.

Workers deal with physical strain imposed by manually operating industrial vehicles. Whether it's the repetitive action of getting on and off a vehicle, prolonged sitting, or vehicle vibrations, these seemingly routine tasks can lead to work-related injuries.

The awareness of potential hazards and the fear of accidents can also lead to heightened stress, anxiety, and even burnout. Emotional strain impacts happiness and job satisfaction of your workforce, leading to a ripple effect on productivity and retention rates. With DriveMod, enable your workers to focus on more valuable tasks and with a safer environment and happier workers, you'll get more done.

Elizabeth Neils - Head of Safety

Elizabeth Nelis

Head of Safety, Cyngn

"Safety is an ongoing priority, which is reflected in the highly technical and rigorously engineered design of our autonomous technology stack."


Safety You Can See & Hear

Communication lights and audio cues serve as an added safety measure for your team.

We use color-coded LED lighting to communicate the DriveMod vehicle's status and intent to the workers in the area. These clear visual cues make it easier for your workers to understand how the vehicle is operating and avoid misunderstandings or delays in communication. Since humans process visual content 50x faster than words, we find the lighting system to be most effective. Audible tones and automated horn honks help notify your employees when a vehicle is turning, departing, or arriving at a stop.

DriveMod Autonomous Fleet

Leave The Dangerous Tasks To Our Rugged Autonomous Robots