Advanced Autonomy. Simple Operation.

Manage, monitor, and command your autonomous fleet — from anywhere

Cyngn Insight, our Autonomous Fleet Management System (FMS), gives you total visibility into performance and control of your DriveMod vehicle fleet. With just a few taps, you can also deploy missions directly from the vehicle's touchscreen.

With Cyngn Insight FMS —


Access the FMS from anywhere — including the on-vehicle display.


Surface operational insights and key vehicle metrics with customizable dashboards.


Batch upload dozens of workflows or plan one-off missions.


Trigger automatic commands such as “return to charge” when battery is low or "return to home" when the internet goes down


Stack skills like “auto-unhitch” or “unload pallet” for even more powerful operation.


Go "on premise" for high security use cases.

Our FMS Gives You Complete Visibility

Make Informed Decisions to Improve the Efficiency of Your Operation

Cyngn Insight has been thoughtfully designed to be simple and straightforward to operate. Whether planning batches of work all at once or sending individual vehicles on special missions, our FMS adapts to your existing workflows and improves the coordination and efficiency of your team.

cyngn insight fms
cyngn insight fms on-vehicle

Deploy Missions With Just a Touch of a Button

Cyngn Insight makes it simple to direct your autonomous fleet from wherever you work.

Save missions locally on the vehicle for your staff to easily execute from the on-vehicle touchscreen. Or, create, edit, and deploy missions at your desk. Or, call a vehicle to your station from a tablet using Insight's Operator View.

cyngn insight fms on vehicle

Plan an Entire Shift Before Your First Cup of Coffee

With batch scheduling, you can queue up dozens of missions at once.

Fleet managers can easily deploy vehicles, create an order pick list, or build out a long work queue that can be set once and run all day. The goal is to shift as much work as possible over to the autonomous vehicle so you and your team can move onto more pressing matters.

cyngn fleet management system fms

Tap Into Valuable Data

Configurable dashboards show operational insights and track performance metrics.

Track key metrics such as location, battery life, and cycle time to get a clear picture of how much work your autonomous vehicles are doing. See throughput and vehicle productivity metrics to identify opportunities for optimization and cost savings. Additionally, view specific, actionable information from individual vehicles or groups of vehicles to uncover potential bottlenecks.

Self-Driving Industrial Vehicles

Our DriveMod Autonomous Fleet

We deliver autonomous capabilities to industrial vehicles like tuggers and forklifts to safely and efficiently haul goods - automatically.