Adopt Autonomy & Move Your Business Forward

Why Aren’t Your Vehicles Driving Themselves?

DriveMod gets all of your industrial vehicles humming as a single, unified autonomous vehicle fleet so you can work faster for less cost. Our Autonomous Mobile Robots (AMRs) do not require the installation of special infrastructure like magnetic strips to run, enabling swift deployment of our DriveMod vehicles.

Automate Your Material Handling

DriveMod Turns Every Shift Into a Productivity Powerhouse

On average, companies that deploy our DriveMod powered AMRs have seen a 34% increase in productivity and a 64% reduction in labor costs. Our vehicles make intelligent, real-time decisions, so you can work faster for less cost.

cyngn amr fleet_3 vehicles

DriveMod Kit

Full-Stack Autonomous Driving Solution

DriveMod is built on trusted, heavy-duty vehicles like Motrec, BYD and Columbia that you may already operate. This enables you to quickly and easily adopt autonomy to drive your business forward. Our self-driving industrial tuggers and forklifts can do the most demanding industrial jobs, are familiar to operate and a breeze to maintain.

cyngn insight fms

Cyngn Insight FMS

Manage, Monitor, Command Your Autonomous Fleet — From Anywhere

Cyngn Insight, our Autonomous Fleet Management System, has been thoughtfully designed to be simple and straightforward to operate. Whether planning batches of work all at once or sending individual vehicles on special missions, our FMS adapts to your existing workflows and improves the coordination and efficiency of your team.



Lower Labor Costs, Prevent Injuries & Decrease Risk By Hiring Remote Vehicle Drivers

Imagine an entire workforce of remote forklift operators — at a fraction of what you’re paying now. Our remote drivers are better trained, less expensive, and more reliable than a locally-operating workforce. And because they operate remotely, you can significantly reduce the risk of injury and other safety incidents.


Advanced Safety Suite

Reduce Injuries & Costly Workers’ Compensation Claims

DriveMod's decision engine interprets what our Lidars see to make decisions 3x faster than a human driver and is equipped with communication mechanisms like audio cues and color-coded LED lighting to ensure greater safety. DriveMod's collision avoidance system called Virtual Bumper 3D Lidar has complete 360° vision to consider people in the environment and their predicted paths.

cyngn insight fms on-vehicle

Solutions For OEMs

DriveMod Enables Autonomy for Industrial OEMs

We help OEMs and other organizations stay competitive in the industrial vehicle landscape by integrating DriveMod, our self-driving technology into your vehicle fleets. DriveMod is highly adaptable and can be deployed to almost any industrial vehicle — no matter how specialized.

Hard-Working & Easy To Maintain

Watch Our DriveMod Vehicles in Action

With no special infrastructure or magnetic strips to install, we can get our DriveMod Tugger operating in your facility in just a few days.