Meet Our Fleet of AI-Powered Autonomous Workhorses

Automate repetitive hauling, drive your manufacturing forward, and get more done per shift with our robust and reliable self-driving industrial vehicles.

With Cyngn, Your Industrial Vehicles —


Autonomously lift and haul thousands of pounds of goods.


Leverage multiple, redundant, and intelligent layers of safety.


Can be remotely managed and monitored via the FMS or on-vehicle display.


Execute missions based on a variety of flexible, programmable options.


Collect real-time data to reveal opportunities for optimization.


Can be switched into manual mode and driven by a human.

Self-Driving Industrial Vehicles

Automate Your Material Handling

Our intelligent AMRs never take a vacation, don't make human errors, and always get the job done. Our DriveMod autonomous vehicles are the best employees you’ve never had.

cyngn agv amr vehicles
Autonomous Mobile Robots

Deliver materials to the right place at the right time — automatically.

Get all of your vehicles humming as a single, unified autonomous fleet so you can work faster for less cost. With DriveMod, our vehicles can safely navigate sites without the need for special infrastructure.

Watch Our Tugger in Action

DriveMod Autonomous Tugger

Deploy a fully automated tugger train with multiple carts weighing up to 12,000 lbs.

Our autonomous tuggers can do the most demanding industrial jobs and will make an incredible impact on how you get work done. With its all-steel unibody construction chassis, steel body panels, and standard dual-tire front fork, it boasts ruggedness, stability, and agility.

Watch Our Forklift in Action

DriveMod Autonomous Forklift

Proprietary AI detects and analyzes pallet dimensions in real-time.

Whether you work with standard, non-standard, or custom pallet sizes, our electric forklift enables you to handle heavy or asymmetrical loads safely and efficiently. It is equipped with intelligent load stability features that allows for smooth driving and precise movements, without sudden jerks or movements that could disrupt its balance.

Sean Stetson VP of Engineering, Cyngn

Sean Stetson

VP of Engineering, Cyngn

"DriveMod turns every shift into a productivity powerhouse. On average, companies that use DriveMod Tuggers have seen a 34% increase in productivity and a 64% reduction in labor costs."

Watch Our Stockchaser in Action

DriveMod Autonomous Stockchaser

Automate repetitive hauling workflows like transferring goods or supplies.

The DriveMod Stockchaser has a tubular steel chassis, steel body panels, and standard dual-tire front fork. It boasts ruggedness, stability, and agility. Its smooth driving and precise movements ensure efficient handling of heavy loads up to 6,000 lbs.

What Our Customers Are Saying

Cyngn Autonomy in Action

"Cyngn’s DriveMod really unlocks the potential for us to increase throughput and decrease time to market from the manufacturing floor. Their vehicles enable us to concentrate on efficiency and we’re really excited to increase profitability, improve our service levels, and get to market faster than our competitors."

Joseph Peterson | GM & Plant Manager at Flambeau


Reduction in human labor costs


Vehicles see 360° from floor to ceiling


Increase in workplace efficiency