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We are looking for energetic, motivated, and highly experienced technical leaders to help guide our team and move this innovative field forward.

Our diverse team includes machine vision, Al, and autonomous software engineers, hailing from the greatest universities and companies in the world to solve real-world industrial and commercial applications of autonomy.


Why You'd Want to Work Here

Cyngn stock ticker symbol on building

We are Small and Big.

With under 100 employees, Cyngn is still a company that operates with the energy of a startup.

On the other hand, we are publicly traded (NASDAQ: CYN). Combined, our employees not only work in close-knit teams with close mentorship from company leaders, but they also get access to the liquidity of our publicly-traded equity. This gives our small team the opportunity to make a big impact in industries that other people aren't touching — without taking on the risks associated with untested organizations.

Worker at warehouse loads an autonomous vehicle

We Build Today and Deploy Tomorrow.

Autonomous vehicle organizations are famous for spending years and years in the research lab — and never bringing a single product to market. Not us.

At Cyngn, you will work on technology that is already ready for broad commercialization. Simply put, you will build things that people will actually use. We are driven by our passion for innovation and the ability to see our innovations and the real impact of our work, out in the real world. At Cyngn, the distance between the theoretical and the actual is razor-thin.


We Aren't Robots. We Just Build Them.

Go read our Glassdoor reviews and you'll find that one of the best things about working here are the people.

We are an inclusive, diverse team of top talent with exceptional synergy. We thrive on open collaboration and a trusting and creative work environment that is fueled by our passion for the industry. At Cyngn, everyone's voice is valued and we celebrate the unique perspectives of each of us. It's the people that allow our company to continue to grow bigger and better every day.


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See What Our People Are Saying

Azalea Phansoa

Product Manager

"The culture is one of the reasons why I love coming into work everyday. One of the things that I love about Cyngn is that while we work hard, we also have a lot of fun!"

John Stewart

Field Tech Operator and Warehouse Manager

"My favorite thing about working with Cyngn is the teamwork and the leadership -being able to see everyone come together to connect the parts and move forward."

Manny Lacarrubba

Hardware Engineer

"Cyngn offers me the opportunity to choose the projects that I want to work on in the areas that interest me. I've gotten to work on many different projects in a relatively short amount of time."

Jordan Stern

Head of Product

"Cyngn really offers employees the opportunity for growth. When you come in, whatever stage you are at, there will always be exciting and new problems to solve."

Nicholas Liotta

Director of Hardware Engineering

“One of the things I really like about working at Cyngn is the size — there are a lot of great opportunities and the ability to make a lot of decisions. You get to really live and die with what you build and design.”


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Hear from our CEO

“I get the chance to work on tough and interesting problems within the realm of robotics and controls. I like that I'm given a lot of autonomy and my work is highly visible, which also means I have a big influence on the vehicle's behavior.”

Sebastian Schweigert
Sebastian Schweigert
Senior SW Engineer at Cyngn

“Cyngn and the team provides me with opportunities to learn, grow, and deploy solutions in challenging environments. Instead of being restricted to just one component, the team encourages you to be more cross-functional - this allows me to see impact of my work on the entire stack and the final product.”

Murali Veerapaneni
Murali Veerapaneni
Autonomy Software Engineer

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