Autonomous Transformation Consulting

You Know Your Business. We Know Autonomy.

Most organizations understand that they need automation — but they lack the framework for making informed, financially sound investments. With Cyngn, our team will work with you every step of the way to help you identify the untapped potential of autonomous solutions across your facilities.

Picture a future where you navigate the complexities of AGVs and AMRs with confidence, backed by tailored, data-driven strategies for route layout, fleet management, and operations.

Together, we can help make your facility more safe, efficient, and worker-friendly.


How We Can Help

Optimizing operations is critical to your business' longevity in the marketplace. Autonomy increases throughput and streamlines tasks to ensure your warehouses and factories remain relentlessly efficient. We work with you to address these challenges and create more streamlined workflows.

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    Worker Satisfaction and Education.

    When you improve the experience of your employees, they get more done. Reducing downtime, walking distances, and repetitive, physically-intensive tasks can all play a crucial role.

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    Technology Visibility.

    Automation is a rapidly changing field and new solutions are coming on the market every day. We can help educate you on the vast array of options available to you, which will create opportunities to solve problems that you never thought to address.

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    Quantifying Benefits.

    Beyond direct cost savings, there are often downstream benefits — such as increased throughput, less maintenance, and a reduction in workforce — that can be challenging to identify and measure. We guide you in recognizing and quantifying these extra advantages, enabling you to get the full picture on your investment.

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    Financial Forecasting.

    Making decisions about new technology can be complex, particularly when it comes to finances. We help you navigate this challenge, providing the insights you need to accurately model the costs and benefits of launching autonomous solutions.


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Drive Efficiency + Increase Throughput

Our team is standing by to help you evaluate whether our autonomous vehicle deployments are right for you.


Our Process


Understand Your Facility, Your Industry, and the Challenges You Face

We begin by diving into your unique challenges and understanding your industry landscape. This helps us align our recommendations with your specific needs and KPIs. This ensures our solutions have a major impact on your business.


Gather Data

Data fuels our process. By deploying sensors in your facility, we collect both quantitative and qualitative information to pinpoint patterns, bottlenecks, and areas for operational improvement.


Identify Opportunities for Improvement

Through data analysis, our experts identify optimization opportunities and will work closely with your team to translate these insights into actionable strategies, streamlining processes, cutting inefficiencies, or upskilling your workers.


Launch Improved Workflows and Layouts

Armed with insights, we recommend custom workflows, facility layouts, and specific autonomous vehicle solutions. These strategies can expand what’s possible and create a solid foundation for the transition to autonomy.


Deploy Automation

Transitioning to autonomy demands a holistic strategy. We guide you in balancing fleet efficiency and capacity, offering vendor-agnostic recommendations that drive resource optimization and ensure seamless operations. If we're not the best company for the job, we'll help you find the one that is.


Continually Optimize

As your needs change or business grows, we can give you the tools and information you need to adjust your autonomous fleet to meet the moment.

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The Cost of Doing Nothing

Did you know that it can be up to 50% more expensive to delay an investment in industrial automation? Learn how.