The Age of Teleoperation is Here

Lower Labor Costs, Prevent Injuries & Decrease Risk By Hiring Remote Vehicle Drivers

Cyngn is pleased to offer you an entire workforce of remote forklift operators — at a fraction of what you’re paying now. Our drivers are better trained, less expensive, and more reliable than a locally-operating workforce. And because they operate remotely, you can significantly reduce the risk of injury and other safety incidents.

Cyngn Teleoperations
Reap The Benefits

Take Your Team Remote

Customers that leverage teleoperations at their facilities drive efficiency, reduce costly workplace accidents, and protect workers from hazardous materials and other dangers.


Leverage Highly-Skilled Operators at a Fraction of the Price

Smoothly operate in challenging scenarios.

Whether unloading trucks, conducting intricate procedures, or training new forklift drivers, teleoperation enables instant connectivity to skilled professionals regardless of their location. This not only streamlines operations but also facilitates rapid problem-solving, knowledge sharing, and collaborative innovation.

Instantly Resolve Labor Shortages & Other Issues

Instantly Resolve Labor Shortages & Other Issues

Put your ongoing labor challenges behind you to drive operational efficiency forward.

Teleoperation closes the door on persistent labor challenges such as churn, rising wages, and a shortage of skilled operators. With fewer on-site workers, recruiting, hiring, training, worker’s comp, and employee benefits all become simpler and less expensive.

Raise The Bar On Safety

Raise The Bar On Safety

Removing drivers from your warehouse is only the beginning.

Our remotely operated vehicles come equipped with advanced safety sensors and multiple redundancies. This means that our vehicles will automatically brake if an obstacle gets in their way. In short, our vehicles aren’t just safer for remote drivers, they’re safer for everyone at your facility.

Hit Your Numbers with Precise Technology

Hit Your Numbers with Precise Technology

Remote operation is powered by the best-in-class technology stack.

With ultra-low latency and high resolution video streaming, you can bring teleoperation to your existing workflows — at scale. Our platform seamlessly aggregates all available networks — including LTE, WiFI, 5G and others — to dynamically adjust to network fluctuations in real-time to deliver the best remote operator experience.


Talk To Our Team

Our team is standing by to help you evaluate whether teleoperations is right for you.

Sean Stetson VP of Engineering, Cyngn

Sean Stetson

VP of Engineering, Cyngn

"Teleoperations has been a popular stepping stone towards adopting full autonomy within industrial settings."

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Accelerate Your Path to Autonomy

Adopt Teleoperations Today & Upgrade to Full Autonomy Tomorrow.

By combining autonomy with remote operation, human operators can remotely supervise autonomous vehicles and remotely resolve edge cases on-demand. With human operators, you can accelerate autonomous deployments that are even more capable, reliable, and scalable with a remote human-in-the-loop.