Up and Running in Just a Few Days (Seriously)

Deploying self-driving vehicles is easier than you think.

Because our autonomous vehicles do not require you to install special infrastructure, our streamlined integration process enables us to have you up and running with an autonomous vehicle in a matter of days. And because we bring autonomous capabilities to vehicles that you are already familiar with, your entire team can get trained before lunch.

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Deploy Time-Tested Industrial Vehicles

Our Vehicles Are Ready To Work

DriveMod is built on trusted, heavy-duty vehicles from legacy OEMs. They're a breeze to maintain, familiar to operate, and can handle the most demanding industrial jobs.

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First, We Create an Autonomy Integration Plan

We understand that every business is unique and has its own set of needs.

That's why our team of deployment experts will assess your operation and determine the best use case for our autonomous vehicle technology. We will work with you to create a customized plan that fits your specific requirements and helps you get the most out of our solutions.


Next, We Map Your Facility

Before an autonomous vehicle can operate, it needs a detailed and accurate map of its environment.

At Cyngn, we take care of this crucial step for you. We'll visit your facility to create a high-precision, digital map of your domain. From there, we can layer in the rules of the road to ensure that your vehicles will follow the same lanes, speed limits, and other cautions that your human drivers do.


Finally, We Deploy Your Autonomous Fleet

Our technology is equally available as a retrofit on existing fleets or as an upgrade to newly purchased vehicles.

Our deployment team will come on site to ensure smooth integration and adoption of the technology by your team. We also provide robust training and support services to ensure you maximize the value of your investment and deliver value fast.


Lior Tal

CEO, Cyngn

"The versatility, capability and advanced technology of DriveMod will help revolutionize your logistics operations and increase safety."

Self-Driving Industrial Vehicles

Our DriveMod Autonomous Fleet

We deliver autonomous capabilities to industrial vehicles like tuggers and forklifts to safely and efficiently haul goods - automatically.