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Driving Success: Cyngn's Commercial Progress in Q1 of 2023

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Watch Scaling Up: Cyngn Expands the Team in Q1 of 2023

Watch Revolutionizing Industrial Vehicles: Forklifts and Mining Vehicles in Q1 of 2023


Narrator: Cyngn uses AI, robotics, and data to enable industrial vehicles to drive autonomously. We had a great first quarter of 2023, tripling our revenue from Q4 of 2022 and completing our first commercial stock chaser deployment. In this video, we’ll highlight the significant commercial progress we’ve made since the start of the year.

Our first paid deployment of the year went live at U.S Continental in Southern California, with fully autonomous stock chasers towing goods throughout USC’s site.  

We’ve also been hard at work developing our next vehicle use cases, meeting milestones and technical targets for both our autonomous forklift development contract with a building supplies manufacturer and also a paid development with a global heavy industry vehicle manufacturer to develop self-driving solutions for the mining industry.

We’re excited by where we are today, but we’re even more excited by where we’re going. Our focus for the rest of 2023 will be on growing our customer base and commercializing our solutions for additional vehicle types, such as autonomous forklifts and mining vehicles. We look forward to keeping you updated.

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