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Scaling Up: Cyngn Expands the Team in Q1 of 2023

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Watch Driving Success: Cyngn's Commercial Progress in Q1 of 2023

Watch Revolutionizing Industrial Vehicles: Forklifts and Mining Vehicles in Q1 of 2023


Narrator: Cyngn uses AI, robotics, and data to enable industrial vehicles to drive autonomously. We had a great first quarter of 2023, tripling our revenue from Q4 of 2022 and completing our first commercial stockchaser deployment. Let’s go through some of the amazing people we’ve added to our team this year to help us scale. 

First up is our new Vice President of Engineering, Sean Stetson. Sean hails from companies like Seegrid and Google and has over 20 years of experience commercializing emerging technologies.

Sean Stetson: Cyngn makes me really excited because we have the opportunity to provide autonomy solutions to warehouses, logistics, manufacturing, and heavy industries that need these autonomy solutions to decouple their productivity from available labor. There are intense demands being put on these industries to increase productivity and we can provide those solutions that allow them to do that. 

Narrator: In April, we also welcomed industry veteran Felix Singh as Vice President of Engineering Services.

Felix Singh: I’m excited to be here at Cyngn because the team has put together a storming set of technologies to bring some very cool and innovative solutions to the industrial and robotics space — and this is the right time to scale.

Narrator: With experience from Qualcomm and Braincorp, Felix will be responsible for customer success and support, streamlining deployment processes, and ensuring quality.

Felix Singh: The opportunity is huge because the need for automation, the need for building efficiencies, is huge across a variety of industries. These technologies that we are building provide these capabilities.

Narrator: These technical leaders join, among others, our Head of Sales, Chris Wright who started at the beginning of the year.

Chris Wright: I'm excited to be here because it's the beginning of something, I think, pretty special. We are bringing products to market that will have a direct impact and that are in reach of most customers. From a customer that needs 2-3 vehicles to a customer that needs 1,000 vehicles — and that's unique. Our technology is cutting-edge. We have some fantastic people, our team is great, and we are growing and focused on the right areas to have success today, and have success tomorrow.

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