Autonomous Driving with the DriveMod Stockchaser

Automate repetitive hauling workflows such as transferring finished goods or delivering supplies with our autonomous stockchaser. By shifting these responsibilities to a robot, you'll reduce costly safety incidents and free your team up to focus on other responsibilities.

In fact, studies have shown that these vehicles can make teams 33% more productive. That's like adding an additional team member for every three at your facility — instantly.

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With DriveMod, Stockchasers —


Transport goods to any on-site location


Switch between Manual and Autonomous Modes


Stop for obstacles and pedestrians


Navigate in programmable loops with predictable stops


Haul and tow inventory without damaging merchandise


Collect data and reveal suggestions for optimization


Autonomous Stockchasers Drive How You Drive

Vehicles running DriveMod can take commands, drive to different stations, start, stop and adapt to the situation on the ground.

Moreover, if your facility ever needs to adjust its workflow or layout, DriveMod can adapt with ease.

Although most organizations use DriveMod to send their vehicles on the same routes over and over, DriveMod will work exactly how your organization works, no matter how complicated.


Autonomous Stockchasers are More Efficient

DriveMod-enabled Stockchasers have been shown to increase productivity by 33% and achieve measurable ROI in just a few months.

And this makes sense, right? When vehicles drive themselves, workers are free to focus on other high-value activities that will move your business forward.


Autonomous Stockchasers Give you Visibility

DriveMod comes with Cyngn Insight, a powerful analytics tool that delivers a comprehensive view of your vehicles and their activities.

From a single view, you can see where your vehicles are located, what they're up to, and how much battery life remains. These features make it easy to keep track of your vehicles and optimize their usage for maximum efficiency.

Moreover, Cyngn Insight works seamlessly with our asset tracking solution, Infinitracker. This means that all of the vehicles you operate can be tracked within Cyngn Insight, regardless of whether they have DriveMod installed.


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We Are Your Partners in Industrial Autonomy

Whether retrofitting your existing Columbia industrial vehicles or deploying a new fleet of stockchasers, 

DriveMod's integration team will work with you every step of the way to design an autonomy plan customized to your unique needs and ensure a smooth deployment of your AV fleet.


Our team conducts an on-site consultation to understand your organization's needs and current workflows.


We design a customized autonomous vehicle plan to align with your business goals.


We design a customized autonomous vehicle plan to align with your business goals.


We provide training to your team to ensure smooth implementation and usage of the vehicles.