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Video: Working at Cyngn ft. CEO, Lior Tal

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Lior Tal: Cyngn is a Menlo Park, California based technology company. We develop self-driving technologies for the industrial and commercial world. 

I believe that autonomous driving will reshape the world around us and we see it today from space exploration all the way to the open road. But where we really think autonomous driving is going to make a significant, scaled impact is in the industrial world.

And this is everything from manufacturing, warehouse all the way to mining and construction. At Cyngn we're very passionate about building the technology that allows these industries to use that technology today and use self-driving to solve real world problems and be able to improve their operation.

One of the things that we're most proud of is our applied philosophy into autonomous driving. We think that this should not just remain in the research ground. We want to see our system, our technology, in the hands of our customers really making an impact in the real world. 

Cyngn has the startup mentality and the fast moving pace but at the same time by being a publicly traded company, on the Nasdaq, it can provide the stability that people need in the workplace. 

The two main reasons that we see when people come to us from larger companies is a desire for growth, the ability to learn new things, to progress with their career and not just being a cog in a machine.

And people that really want to save their work get into the hands of customers today, in the vehicles are operating today, not in 5-10 years like you've seen in some other industries. 

Coming to Cyngn really gives people the opportunity to work on cutting edge technology with smart people in a very small setup. 

Each role in a small company is much bigger. People have the opportunity to grow either into leadership roles by learning how to manage people or to move around and learn new skills. For example, a business development professional, becoming a product manager.

Some of the values that we're proud most of here at the end are the drive for impact, individual responsibility, the sense of ownership. We hire smart people and give them the opportunity to work on fascinating things that really make a difference in the real world next to other great people. 

As part of that we trust them. We trust them to do what's needed to get the work done but at the same time we also allow them to go and take the vacation and enjoy the time with their friends and family, unwind and really be able to continuously do that cycle of working hard when it's needed but also having a good work life balance. 

One of the things that we learned during the Pandemic is that it is possible to work in a hybrid way. It is possible to work remotely with distributed teams. We have people in many states, we have people in other countries and what we figured out is when you hire smart and responsible people, they would work as well whether they're on site or not. 

One of the things that our team has figured out is that when it makes sense for people to be together, when there are meetings, when you need to work with the vehicles, people will come on site. People would work together here. 

And when they need quiet time, when they need to focus on work, they can work at home, they can work at other facilities, they can work whenever it makes sense for them.

Cyngn is in a really exciting phase of having completed the main research and development of the  self-driving system and starting to take the first steps into deploying it into the customer hand and making those steps into commercializing the technology. 

This is a great time to join the company and really be able to very quickly see the fruits of your work in the hands of customers, making really positive impacts in the world. 

This is a great time to come in, learn new things and really be at the cutting edge of autonomous driving. 

And anyone that wants to apply, just go to our website, look at the open rules, send us an email to 

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