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Video: Working at Cyngn

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Azalea Phangsoa: My name is Azalea Phangsoa, and I am a Product Manager of Cyngn Insight. My favorite thing about working at Cyngn is probably the mentorship. I think at startups, sometimes you end up with a lot of people who are super, super scrappy, and everyone's sort of figuring out, you know, where things are going. 

But we have a lot of really smart, senior, highly intelligent people that it's great to come into this space and get to learn from so many people that are really smart, that have better interest in your career growth, and are, like, really looking to make sure that if they help you grow as a team, we're all doing really well to get a product to customers and something that they're going to love.

Manny Lacrrubba: My name is Manny Lacrrubba. I really like being a Mechanical Engineer here at Cyngn because it's such a small team and we work very close with the hardware. So it means I get to work on a lot of different aspects of the vehicle, and I've gotten to work on many different projects in a relatively short amount of time, which has given me a lot of experience that I wouldn't have otherwise, and I felt like I've been able to learn a lot.

Ashley Hemmingway: My name is Ashley Hemmingway, and I'm a Systems Engineer in our QA department. I really like working at Cyngn and with the people specifically because I think there's a lot of different types of characters here, so it gives us a really good perspective on ideas. 

When we come into an issue. There's actually a pretty good diversity of people with different backgrounds that have worked on different things, so it's a really collaborative and cool environment in that way also. Yeah, I have friends here, and I like hanging out with them as well.

John Stewart: Hi, my name is John Stewart. I'm a Field Tech Operator/Warehouse Manager. My favorite part about working with Cyngn is teamwork. Each day that we come in, there's a challenge, then we actually conquer that challenge.

Nicholas Liotta: I'm Nicholas Liotta. I'm the Director of Hardware Engineering. Cyngn really offers engineers a place where they can come and solve technical problems and also be able to deploy a product.

Manny Lacrrubba: Cyngn really offers me the opportunity to choose the projects that I want to work on in the areas that interest me.

Jordan Stern: Cyngn really offers employees opportunity for growth. No matter when you come in or what stage you're at, there's always going to be exciting and new problems to solve here. 

Particularly because we're a company that's scaling as we speak and growing our teams, which means there's a tremendous amount of opportunity to find not only the role that you want to work with with the role that we're already hosting and recruiting for, but also once you arrive here making sure that you find a home and have fun with the job that you do on a day to day basis.

Ashley Hemmingway: If you're a self-starter and you want to challenge and you want to work with some of the smartest people that you've ever met on some projects that you may have never even thought about before then, this would definitely be the place for you.

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