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Cyngn Inc., 1015 O'Brien Dr.

Menlo Park, CA 94025 USA

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DriveMod™ - A fully autonomous software system for commercial and industrial machines. Cost effective, modular, and broadly applicable.

Train hard, drive easy.

Developed under the most demanding conditions

We develop and test our autonomous solutions in the most difficult scenarios. We seek out the harshest weather conditions with high density operations and complex sites.

Designed for broad applicability

Advanced machine vision analyzes data from multiple sensor modalities and leverages sensor fusion to distill scenes down to fundamentals: jobs that need completing, routes that must be navigated, and agents that must be interacted with to safely achieve business goals.


By abstracting scene elements down to basics, we create universal inputs for our planning and decision algorithms to predict, optimize, and execute maneuvers in any environment.

Ready to tackle any challenge

Our philosophy of satisfying extreme requirements as a baseline combined with our intelligent, flexible software architecture enables us to quickly deploy your fleet with safe autonomous operations.

Autonomous driving technology is complex and expansive. Our years of experience deploying mission critical, scalable solutions has yielded a comprehensive suite of data-driven tools that support ongoing development and autonomous operations.​

We have the software technology, tools, and experience to develop, deploy, and evolve your autonomous machines.


Intelligent data recording and retrieval system, designed to support our simulation system and machine learning factory.


Simulation framework that can combine real and synthetic data to create infinite scenarios that modularly test, grade, and train autonomous systems at scale. 


Advanced analytics system monitors the operational fleet and records data in the cloud with flexible dashboards to track KPIs that inform product development.



Web, mobile, in-vehicle HMI, and Teleoperation augment the autonomous operation to provide a complete solution suited for production environments.