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Choosing the right industrial autonomous vehicle solution is crucial for streamlining your operations. But which provider is the best fit for your business needs?

This guide outlines the distinctions between industrial autonomous tuggers across Cyngn and Seegrid. Learn how Cyngn’s Autonomous Stockchaser and Seegrid’s Palion Tow Tractor differ below.


How Does Cyngn Compare to Seegrid?

Cyngn's Autonomous Stockchaser Seegrid Palion™ Tow Tractor
Works with your existing vehicles?
Brings AV technology to time-tested vehicles?
Works in both manual and autonomous modes?
Towing capacity ≥ 6,000 lbs?
Tows multiple carts?
Maximum autonomous speed?
4.5 mph
4.0 mph
Pricing model?
Deployment Fee + Monthly Subscription
Outright Vehicle Purchase

Unlocking Fleet Optionality for Your Business Needs.

At Cyngn, we give you the option to retrofit your existing industrial vehicles or deploy a new fleet.

We customize AV deployments specific to your business needs. Whether you retrofit or purchase a new vehicle, DriveMod brings all of your industrial vehicles together into a single, unified AV fleet. This makes it easy to manage different autonomous vehicle types from a single FMS.


Experience the Reliability of a Time-Tested Vehicle.

We introduce cutting-edge autonomous capabilities to commercially available vehicles, ensuring both reliability and familiarity throughout the automation process.

You can say goodbye to manual transport workflows while maintaining confidence in the reputation and performance of a well-known industrial vehicle brand. Unlike Seegrid, you don’t  have to gamble on unfamiliar tugger companies. 

Plus, with tested vehicles, you can seamlessly manage your large industrial vehicle fleets without the need to reinvent maintenance processes.


Bring AV Capabilities to Multiple-Vehicle Types.

Unlike Seegrid, our autonomous technology can be integrated into nearly any industrial vehicle — no matter how specialized. 

Because of this, our safe and reliable AV technology can be deployed to a wide range of industrial applications, from manufacturing facilities to distribution centers. 

Currently, our Autonomous Stockchaser and tugger is commercially available, and in the coming months, our Autonomous BYD Forklift, with 10,000 lbs of load capacity, will also become available.


What to Consider When Choosing an Autonomous Vehicle Solution

What’s the deployment process?

Bringing self-driving vehicles to your business should be a quick and easy process. Look for a solution that can be seamlessly integrated into your existing infrastructure and comes with a dedicated engineering team that works with you to meet your unique business requirements.

Should I work with legacy OEMs or new entrants?

If you would like to invest in AVs that have been proven and long-established in the market, it is best to work with legacy OEM vehicle types. Consider the maintenance requirements, reputation, and quantifiable performance for new entrants vs. a time-tested industrial vehicle brand.

What are the safety features in place?

Every aspect of a provider’s AV technology should be designed with safety in mind. 
This is why it’s crucial that you ask about the system’s sensors, communication lights, and redundancies that will keep your employees and your assets out of harm’s way.

What is the pricing model?

If you’re worried about the expense or complexity of implementing this technology, then it’s important to consider a flexible, subscription-based model. This allows you to pay fees on a monthly basis, rather than purchasing your autonomous vehicles outright.

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