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Industrial autonomous vehicles allow your organization to work faster for less. With so many options available, how do you find the best provider for your business?

Below, our guide provides a detailed comparison of Cyngn’s DriveMod Stockchaser and MiR’s 1350 EU Pallet Lift. Seeing the two side by side can help you compare their distinct features.


How Does Cyngn Compare to MiR?

Cyngn's DriveMod Stockchaser MiR1350
Works with your existing vehicles?
Brings AV technology to time-tested vehicles?
Tow capacity
6,000 lbs
2,976 lbs
Tows multiple carts?
Works in both manual and autonomous modes?
Autonomous speed?
4.5 mph
2.7 mph
Pricing model?
Deployment Fee + Monthly Subscription
Lease or Outright Vehicle Purchase

Tailoring Your Fleet for Your Specific Needs.

Cyngn offers you the option to retrofit the industrial vehicles you already use or invest in a brand-new fleet.

At Cyngn, we create a customized deployment plan to fit your specific requirements and streamline all of your industrial vehicles into a unified autonomous fleet. This means that you can easily oversee various AV types through a single FMS.


Trust in the Reliability of a Tried-and-True Vehicle.

Unlike MiR, we introduce our advanced autonomous features to dependable, time-tested vehicles.

This guarantees you the advantages of both reliability and familiarity as you begin your automation process. Newly launched vehicle types are not only untested, they also require reinventing maintenance processes when issues arise.

Why gamble with a novel industrial vehicle company when you can rely on a brand you already know and trust?


Experience an Unmatched Towing Capacity.

Cyngn’s autonomous stockchaser can tow up to 6,000 lbs, which is more than double the amount that MiR’s autonomous vehicle can handle.

With a high towing capacity, you can achieve more efficient material transport and boost productivity by minimizing the amount of trips you take. With a higher autonomous speed compared to MiR's vehicle, these tasks can be completed even more quickly with our AV’s, resulting in enhanced efficiency.

Moreover, our AV is designed to tow a greater variety of carts, which means the carts you already use will probably work with our vehicles.


AV Technology Across Various Industrial Vehicles.

With Cyngn, you can leverage the power of industrial automation no matter the type of industrial vehicle.

Unlike MiR, Cyngn’s AV technology is not limited to specific vehicles. Instead, our AV stack is highly adaptable and can be deployed across a wide range of specialized vehicles. In fact to date, our technology has been successfully deployed on more than a dozen form factors — including our autonomous stockchaser.


What to Consider When Choosing an Autonomous Vehicle Solution

What’s the deployment process?

It's important to pick an AV provider that understands that every business is unique and has its own set of needs. Look for a solution that can be seamlessly integrated into your existing infrastructure. Ask questions about deployment speed, creating an autonomy integration plan, training, etc.

Should I work with legacy OEMs or new entrants?

When contemplating investments in industrial autonomous vehicles, it's crucial to consider partnering with providers that bring AV capabilities to well-established industrial vehicles. Ask questions about reliability and quality, along with reliable maintenance procedures.

What are the safety features in place?

Choose an industrial AMR provider that has advanced safety features in place. It’s important that the provider has rigorous safety protocols in operation to minimize risks to employees and assets. Inquire about features such as emerging braking, communication lights, obstacle detection, etc.

What is the pricing model?

While some providers charge for an outright vehicle purchase or lease, others allow you to pay under a monthly subscription model. By paying fees on a monthly basis, your costs will become more predictable and give you extra flexibility.

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