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Industrial autonomous vehicles are crucial for automating your repetitive hauling workflows. But, are you struggling to determine the right AV provider for your organization?

Luckily, in the guide below you can compare Cyngn with Locus Robotics to get a better understanding of how they differ when it comes to automating your operations.


How Does Cyngn Compare to Locus Robotics?

Cyngn's Autonomous Stockchaser Locus MAX
Works with your existing vehicles?
Brings AV technology to time-tested vehicles?
Towing capacity?
6,000 lbs
3,000 lbs
Tows multiple carts?
Works in both manual and autonomous modes?
Pricing model?
Deployment Fee + Monthly Subscription
Deployment Fee + Monthly Subscription

Flexible Fleet Solutions for Your Organization.

With our AV solution, you can either upgrade your current industrial vehicles, from stockchasers to forklifts, via retrofit, or acquire a new fleet.

Whether retrofitting or purchasing new vehicles, our AV deployments are customized to align with your unique business goals to ensure a smooth launch into industrial automation. In fact, DriveMod can seamlessly integrate all of your self-driving vehicles into one unified fleet, allowing you to intuitively manage your AVs from a single dashboard — from anywhere.


Rely on the Dependability of Time-Tested Vehicles.

With Cyngn, you don’t have to worry about gambling on unfamiliar stockchaser companies. Instead, we bring AV capabilities to the commercially available vehicles that you already trust.

This enables you to invest in automation while maintaining confidence in the reliability, familiarity, and high-performance of your time-tested vehicles. Moreover, using proven vehicles makes it easier to manage your industrial fleets without having to completely change maintenance processes.


Drive Efficiency with a Greater Towing Capacity.

Cyngn's DriveMod Stockchaser can autonomously transport and tow heavy loads twice the capacity of the Locus MAX.

Cyngn’s autonomous stockchaser offers an impressive towing capacity of 6,000 lbs. By moving thousands of pounds of heavy goods, your organization will experience greater productivity while increasing throughout. This will free you workers up to focus on higher-value tasks that will move the business forward.


Bring Automation to Multiple-Vehicle Types.

Cyngn’s autonomous vehicle solution can be brought to almost any industrial vehicle, no matter how specialized.

Because our system is highly adaptable, our AV technology can be deployed to numerous industrial applications, from manufacturing facilities to 3PLs. In fact, to date, DriveMod has been successfully deployed on more than a dozen form factors, including the autonomous stockchaser.


What to Consider When Choosing an Autonomous Vehicle Solution

What’s the deployment process?

Picking the right AV solution means finding a provider that offers a seamless integration process. Look for a partner that can easily fit their technology into your current infrastructure without significant disruptions. It’s important to ask about their deployment approach, including training procedures, support and maintenance services, as well as speed of deployment.

Should I work with legacy OEMs or new entrants?

When deciding which provider is best for your business needs, it’s essential to inquire about the reliability and reputation of the vehicles you’ll be working with and their establishment in the market. Therefore, ask about well-developed infrastructure and support systems that are in place.

What are the safety features in place?

Safety should be at the forefront of your decision when selecting an AMR provider. Prioritize an AV solution that is equipped with state-of-the-art safety features and safety protocols that will keep your workers out of harm's way. Ask about emerging breaking, communication lights, sensors, and other important safety features.

What is the pricing model?

When considering the cost and complexity of implementing this technology, it's worthwhile to explore a flexible and more predictable subscription-based model. This allows you to spread your expenses across monthly payments rather than committing to an outright purchase of autonomous vehicles.

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