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The right industrial autonomous vehicle provider will drive performance and efficiency as soon as you deploy. But, how do you know which is best for your organization?

In the guide below, you can directly compare Cyngn with 6 River Systems. Comparing these two options side by side will help you easily review and decide which provider aligns best with your automation needs.


How Does Cyngn Compare to 6 River Systems?

Cyngn's Autonomous Stockchaser 6 River Systems Chuck
Works with your existing vehicles?
Brings AV technology to time-tested vehicles?
Towing capacity?
6,000 lbs
200 lbs
Tows multiple carts?
Works in both manual and autonomous modes?
Pricing model?
Deployment Fee + Monthly Subscription
Vehicle Lease

Fleet Options for All Your Business Requirements.

Cyngn offers the flexibility to retrofit your current industrial vehicles or upgrade newly purchased vehicles.

In order to ensure a seamless launch of your AV fleet, we work with your team to create a customized plan tailored to your specific business goals. Regardless of whether you choose to retrofit or acquire new vehicles, DriveMod brings all your vehicles into a single AV fleet and can be managed through a single FMS.


Unmatched Reliability with Time-Tested Vehicles.

With Cyngn, you don’t have to take a chance on a stockchaser company that you’ve never heard of. 

Instead, you can unlock the reliability of trusted vehicle brands known for their reputable performance and rigorous testing. Moreover, by integrating AV technology into commercially available vehicles, you can enjoy peace of mind knowing that robust support systems and efficient maintenance processes are already in place.


Experience an Industry-Leading Towing Capacity.

Cyngn's autonomous stockchaser goes above and beyond 6 River System's performance by towing a weight that is 30 times greater.

With Cyngn's impressive towing capacity of 6,000 lbs, you can haul and tow thousands of pounds of heavy goods. Say goodbye to multiple trips as our autonomous stockchaser enables faster and more efficient material transport, ultimately guaranteeing increased operational efficiency.


Enable AV Functionality Across Numerous Vehicle Types.

At Cyngn, our autonomous vehicle solution is unified into a single component, allowing us to integrate the technology into nearly any industrial vehicle type.

Our vehicle-agnostic approach allows you to automate a diverse range of vehicles, from standard models to highly specialized ones. This versatility allows you to address your specific operational requirements and adapt to evolving needs without being limited by vehicle type constraints.

Right now, our DriveMod Stockchaser and tugger are commercially available and in the coming months, our Autonomous BYD Forklift will become available.


What to Consider When Choosing an Autonomous Vehicle Solution

What’s the deployment process?

Picking an AV solution that ensures hassle-free integration is essential. Search for a provider that can seamlessly integrate their technology into your existing infrastructure, all while tailoring their approach to your specific business needs. Ask questions about the provider's deployment team and how they will guarantee a smooth adoption by your staff, including training and support services. 

Should I work with legacy OEMs or new entrants?

If you're looking to invest in self-driving vehicles, consider choosing a provider that partners with OEMs that have a strong reputation and a history of reliable performance. Legacy OEMs tend to have established maintenance processes for any issue that may arise, while new vehicle types may be riskier for your business and lead to unforeseen shutdowns. 

What are the safety features in place?

Look for an AMR supplier that incorporates cutting-edge safety features. You want to protect both personnel and assets, so make sure that your provider has rigorous safety protocols in position to do so. Ask about the sensors, communication lights, and redundancies that will help keep your workers safe.

What is the pricing model?

While some autonomous vehicle providers require you to make a one-time purchase or lease, others offer the convenience of a monthly subscription plan. Opting for the subscription model allows you to maintain cost predictability and offers added flexibility.

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