Autonomous Vehicle Deployment for Defense

Our Autonomous Industrial Vehicles Take Security as Seriously as You Do

Defense contractors face unique challenges when it comes to driving efficiency with stringent security requirements. With Cyngn's autonomous vehicles, facilities with the highest security protocols can achieve significant operational improvements without compromising sensitive information.

Our autonomous vehicles can process data "on-prem", ensuring nothing sensitive leaves your secure environment. This allows you to benefit from advanced automation while adhering to strict security standards.

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Self-Driving Industrial Vehicles

Deliver materials to the right place at the right time — automatically.

By deploying Cyngn's autonomous vehicles, defense contractors can streamline repetitive tasks, optimize workflows, and free up personnel for high-value activities.

Deploy On-Prem

Our technology stack is tailored for the defense industry, offering robust capabilities designed to enhance operational efficiency while ensuring the highest levels of security.

With the option to deploy on-premises, defense organizations can maintain full control over their sensitive data and operations, mitigating the risks associated with cloud-based autonomy. By keeping critical systems within their own infrastructure, defense entities can safeguard against potential cyber threats and unauthorized access, maintaining the integrity and confidentiality of classified information.

In contrast, relying solely on cloud-based autonomy introduces potential vulnerabilities, including data breaches, network latency issues, and dependency on external service providers. These risks can compromise the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of critical defense systems, undermining the overall security posture of defense organizations.

Drive Greater Efficiency

DriveMod Tuggers offer a proven solution for enhancing productivity and achieving a tangible return on investment (ROI).

By leveraging autonomous vehicles for repetitive tasks, your workforce can redirect their efforts toward high-value activities, resulting in significant cost savings and operational improvements for your facility.

Studies indicate that implementing autonomous vehicles like DriveMod Tuggers can lead to productivity gains of up to 33%. This means that employees can allocate their time more efficiently, focusing on critical tasks while the vehicles manage the transportation of goods seamlessly.

Prioritize Safety

Safety is critical in manufacturing, where workers face numerous risks daily.

Incidents involving forklifts, for example, have resulted in hundreds of deaths and thousands of injuries, leading to costly inspections and compensation claims. On average, American warehouses report nine accidents annually, each costing around $42,000.

Cyngn's cutting-edge technology is engineered with safety as a top priority. Featuring specialized sensors and backup systems, it effectively safeguards workers from potential hazards. By adopting this technology, facilities can significantly reduce the frequency of safety incidents, creating a safer and more positive work environment.

Sean Stetson VP of Engineering, Cyngn

Sean Stetson

VP of Engineering, Cyngn

"DriveMod turns every shift into a productivity powerhouse. On average, companies that use DriveMod Tuggers have seen a 34% increase in productivity and a 64% reduction in labor costs."

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Talk To Sales

Our team is standing by to help you evaluate whether our autonomous vehicle deployments are right for you.

Autonomous Industrial AMRs

Our DriveMod Autonomous Fleet

We deliver autonomous capabilities to vehicles like Tuggers, Forklifts and Stockchasers. View our OEM Solutions and other form factors.

DriveMod Tugger

Deploy a fully automated tugger train with multiple carts.

DriveMod Forklift

Proprietary AI detects and analyzes pallet dimensions in real-time.

DriveMod Stockchaser

Automate repetitive hauling workflows like transferring goods or supplies.


Cyngn Autonomy in Action

Ken Morris | VP at Global Logistics & Fulfillment

"The bottom line is DriveMod has made us more productive. Instead of manually moving goods through the warehouse, our team can stay focused on picking, packing, and other high-value assignments."

Joseph Peterson | GM & Plant Manager at Flambeau

"Cyngn unlocks the potential for us to increase throughput and decrease time to market from the manufacturing floor. We’re excited for increased profitability and to get to market faster than competitors."