Your Columbia Vehicles Could be Driving Themselves.

With this industry-leading partnership, you can transform your existing Columbia vehicle fleet into a fully autonomous operation.


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DriveMod is Cyngn’s full-stack autonomous driving solution. It integrates with off-the-shelf sensing and computing hardware to enable industrial vehicles to perceive the world, make decisions, and take action.


DriveMod Works Across Many Columbia Vehicle Types

Columbia Vehicles
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A Complete Autonomy Solution

DriveMod efficiently combines software, hardware, artificial intelligence, and a variety of commercially available sensors to deliver safe and surefire self-driving vehicle solutions — today.

Whether your vehicles follow a set path or a complex mission, DriveMod can be used to create autonomous routes that start, stop, take commands, charge when the battery is running low, and adapt to the situation on the ground.

Although most organizations use DriveMod to program repeatable, autonomous loops, DriveMod is customizable to the individual requirements of your use case, ensuring we can chart autonomous routes that start, stop, take commands, and adapt to the situation on the ground.

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Integrates Nicely With Your Existing Workflow

Cyngn's Autonomous Vehicle Technology comes with a complete fleet management system.

In addition to gathering important insights about your Columbia fleet, operators can easily switch between autonomous, manual, and remotely operated modes.

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