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Video: Why Aren't Your Industrial Vehicles Driving Themselves?

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Narrator: This is your warehouse.  You ship more than 30,000 objects a day. 7 Days a week.

These are your people. Working hard. Getting it done. Every day, more and more items to pick and pack and tape and ship.

Imagine for a moment that they could do better. That one tool, deployed with ease, could make them more productive, more efficient — maybe even happier.

Imagine for a moment that all the vehicles you already use started to drive themselves. And by hitting just a couple of buttons, your fleet would move autonomously, dutifully, and safely throughout your facility.

It would feel like magic. But it wouldn’t be magic.

It would be Cyngn.

Cyngn brings autonomy to industrial fleets. In some ways, it’s a revolutionary technology — the culmination of years of research into artificial intelligence and robotics.

In other ways, it’s simple.

Cyngn handles the driving so your team can handle the other stuff, the important stuff, the stuff that’s going to move your business forward.

In fact, everything about Cyngn is thoughtfully designed to be intuitive and easy to use.

With Cyngn, you won’t need to replace your vehicle fleet, rearrange your facility, or lay down magnetic navigation strips. Instead, you can deploy a flexible, autonomous vehicle solution in just a couple weeks — a solution, by the way, that can scale as demand fluctuates or as your business grows.

And unlike other autonomous solutions, Cyngn delivers self-driving capabilities to reliable, time-tested industrial vehicles like the Columbia Stockchaser.

Proven and reliable, Cyngn is bringing autonomous capabilities to manufacturing, logistics, and mining applications throughout the world, where clients see a 33% increase in productivity and achieve measurable ROI in just a few months.

Choose the solution that brings state-of-the-art autonomous technology to the vehicles you use every day. Choose Cyngn.

Why aren’t your industrial vehicles driving themselves?

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