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Cyngn Launches Its Brand New Innovation

Luke Renner |






NARRATOR: At Cyngn, we’re committed to meeting our customers where they are by bringing autonomous vehicle solutions to their industries. So far, we’ve brought autonomy to eight different vehicle form factors — and today we’re pleased to announce a 9th.


Introducing Cyngn Horse.


Cyngn Horse unifies stereoscopic perception, multi-passenger transportation, and maximum speeds of 55 miles per hour into one elegant, revolutionary autonomous solution.


KYLE STANHOUSE: You know, Henry Ford grew up in an era where everybody had a horse. And he used to ask people, what do you want? And they would say, “a faster horse.” And that’s what we were really thinking about here with Cyngn Horse —




ASHLEY HEMMINGWAY: Cyngn Horse was designed with sustainability in mind. It doesn’t run on gasoline like most autonomous vehicles out there. It doesn’t even run on electricity. 


NARRATOR (OFF CAMERA): What does it run on?




NARRATOR: Unlike traditional vehicles, Cyngn Horse was designed with flexibility in mind. It functions just as well in established operational design domains like Costco as it does in more rugged domains like the Wild West.


Furthermore, Cyngn Horse is built with revolutionary perception capabilities. Its dual-lens can see nearly 360° in both daylight and darkness and its audio receivers can rotate nearly 180°, bringing unprecedented environmental understanding.


Perhaps best of all, Cyngn Horse was designed to be affordable.


BEN LANDEN: We think the unit economics of Cyngn Horse is going to be really attractive. Over time, Cyngn Horse even creates opportunities for additional revenue streams such as winning the Kentucky Derby and Making Glue.


NARRATOR: Cyngn Horse represents another giant leap forward in this quickly-changing autonomous sector. But it’s just one piece of our broader journey. In the coming months, look out for the release of —


Cyngn Donkey.

Cyngn Llama.

And Cyngn Ostrich.


BEN LANDEN: That one makes omelets.


NARRATOR: Cyngn Horse. Lead it to water and it will take a drink. Probably.

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