Cyngn Brings Autonomous Tugging to Motrec

Our autonomous warehouse tugger enables you to automate hauling work flows like transferring goods and delivering supplies. By offloading these duties to a robot, you'll minimize safety risks and free your team to focus on other priorities .

Studies have shown that our autonomous vehicles boost team productivity by 33%. That's like gaining an extra team member for every three individuals at your facility — instantly.

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Various views of Motrec's Autonomous Tugger

With DriveMod, Autonomous Tuggers —


Transport goods to any on-site location


Switch between Manual and Autonomous Modes


Stop for obstacles and pedestrians


Navigate in programmable loops with predictable stops


Haul and tow inventory without damaging merchandise


Collect data and reveal suggestions for optimization


Autonomous Tuggers Drive How You Drive

Vehicles equipped with DriveMod respond to commands, travel to different stations, start, stop, and adapt to live situations.

Furthermore, DriveMod adjusts to your facility's workflow or layout changes.

While DriveMod is commonly used for recurring routes, it can adapt to work how your organization works. In short, if a human driver can do it, so can DriveMod.


Autonomous Tuggers are More Efficient

Research reveals an impressive 33% boost in productivity and rapid ROI within a few months when utilizing DriveMod-enabled vehicles.

The benefits are clear. By automating vehicle operations, your workforce is free to focus on high-value activities that drive your business forward.


Autonomous Tuggers Give you Visibility

DriveMod includes Cyngn Insight, an advanced analytics tool that provides a holistic overview of your vehicles and their operations.

With a single interface, you can track vehicle locations, monitor activities, and assess battery life. These capabilities enable effortless vehicle management and optimize efficiency.

Furthermore, Cyngn Insight seamlessly integrates with our asset tracking solution, Infinitracker. This allows you to track all your vehicles within Cyngn Insight, whether or not they are equipped with DriveMod.


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We Are Your Partners in Industrial Autonomy

Whether retrofitting your existing Motrec Vehicles or deploying a new fleet of autonomous tuggers — 

DriveMod's integration team will work with you every step of the way to design a customized autonomy plan and ensure a smooth, highly valuable deployment.


We conduct an on-site consultation to understand your organization's needs and current workflows.


We design a customized autonomous vehicle plan to align with your business goals.

We deploy DriveMod to your existing vehicles as a retrofit or, if you're looking to upgrade, to a brand-new fleet.

We provide training to your team to ensure smooth implementation and usage of the vehicles.