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Autonomous Lifting & Hauling with the DriveMod Forklift

Get ready for the future of material handling with an enterprise-grade autonomous forklift that will literally do the heavy lifting for you.

In 2024, DriveMod will come to BYD's fleet of lift trucks. Already, these vehicles are in use across thousands of facilities. Soon, they will be able to make intelligent, real-time decisions, delivering materials to the right place at the right time — automatically.

Say goodbye to manual pallet transport workflows without gambling on a forklift company you've never heard of.


Key Features


Works with Pallets of All Sizes

Our innovative forklift uses proprietary AI and computer vision to detect and analyze pallet dimensions in real-time, allowing you to handle materials of any size with ease. Whether you work with standard, non-standard, or custom pallet sizes, our forklift will streamline your operations and ensure a smooth and efficient workflow.


Surefire Safety and Stability

Our autonomous forklift is equipped with intelligent load stability features that maintain balance and stability during operation.  The forklift's smooth driving and precise movements enable it to handle heavy or asymmetrical loads safely and efficiently, without sudden jerks or movements that could disrupt its balance.


10,000 Pounds of Load Capacity & Multiple Unit Stacks

At Cyngn, we've partnered with world-class forklift manufacturers to ensure that the autonomous forklift can do the most demanding industrial jobs. With an industry-leading load capacity of 10,000, your autonomous forklift will not only drive itself but make an incredible impact on how you get work done.


VIDEO: See Our Autonomous Forklift in Action