Transform Your Industrial Vehicles into AI-Powered Autonomous Robots

Whether retrofitting your stock chasers, investing in new forklifts, or bringing AV to novel vehicle form factors, DriveMod is the only solution you need to enable your industrial vehicles to haul goods by themselves.

The Autonomous Stock Chaser

Stock Chaser Vehicle
  • 6,000 pounds of towing capacity
  • Rugged and maneuverable
  • Works in both autonomous and manual modes

The Autonomous Forklift

Autonomous Forklift
  • An industry-leading load capacity of 10,000 lbs.
  • Pallet pocket detection works with pallets of any size
  • AV capabilities can be scaled to forklifts of all sizes

The Autonomous Tugger

The Autonomous Tugger
  • Industry-leading 6,000 lbs. of stable towing power
  • Maneuverable and durable
  • Agile, navigating through narrow doorways and corridors

Additional Form Factors

Additional Form Factors
  • OEMs can launch additional revenue streams by bundling our AV technology with their vehicles.
  • Enterprise organizations can bring AV capabilities to their existing fleets through retrofits or new vehicle deployments.

With DriveMod, Your Vehicles —


Transport goods to any on-site location, indoors and outdoors.


Can be switched into manual mode and driven by a human.


Autonomously haul and tow thousands of pounds of heavy cargo.


Execute missions based on a variety of flexible, programmable options.


Safely navigate sites without the need for special infrastructure.


Collect data and reveal suggestions for optimization.


DriveMod works how
you work

Vehicles running DriveMod can start, stop, take commands, drive to different stations, and adjust to changing conditions on the ground.

Additionally, if your facility ever needs to adjust its layout or workflow, DriveMod can adapt in minutes. Although most organizations use DriveMod to program repeatable, autonomous loops, DriveMod can be customized to work exactly how your organization operates.


DriveMod drives efficiency

DriveMod-enabled stock chasers have been shown to increase productivity by 33% and achieve measurable ROI in just a few months.

And this makes sense, right? When vehicles drive themselves, workers are free to focus on other high-value activities that will move your business forward.


DriveMod gives you eagle-eye visibility

DriveMod comes equipped with Cyngn Insight, a suite of analytics tools and dashboards that give you broad operational visibility.

On one screen, for example, you can get a complete view of where your vehicles are, how they are being used, and how much battery is left. On another, you can plan and deploy missions that support your existing workflows.


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The Cyngn Integration Team Can Get You Up and Running Quickly

Whether retrofitting your existing stock chasers or deploying a new fleet of industrial vehicles — 

DriveMod's integration team will work with you every step of the way to design an autonomy plan customized to your unique needs and ensure a smooth deployment of your AV fleet.


Our team conducts an on-site consultation to understand your organization's needs and current workflows.


We design a customized autonomous vehicle plan to align with your business goals.


We deploy DriveMod to your existing vehicles as a retrofit or to a brand-new fleet if you're looking to update.


We provide training to your team to ensure smooth implementation and usage of the vehicles.