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Meet the Next-Generation Asset Tracker

Infinitracker is the Next-Generation GPS asset tracker and IoT gateway. Use it to track anything from vehicles and equipment to golf carts and cargo.

✔️ Years-long lasting battery.

✔️ GPS and LTE location tracking.

✔️ Built-in location & temperature tracking.

✔️ Global SIM card works everywhere on earth.

✔️ All-weather and all-season performance.

✔️ IoT Gateway tracks your other Bluetooth sensors.

  • $299 includes 3 years of free monthly service.
  • $10/month after 3 years.
  • Ask about volume and reseller discounts!
  • Equipment Tracking
  • Fleet Tracking
  • Inventory Management
  • Trailers, Golf Carts, and Recreation
gps vehicle tracker
"Infinitracker is the best overall asset tracker on the market."
— Data Driven Investor Magazine


Infinitracker is Everything You Need to Manage and Monitor Your Assets


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Key Features

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Real-time Tracking

Infinitracker utilizes GPS, 5G, and LTE to track your assets everywhere.

Years-Long Battery

Depending on your usage and LTE triangulation, one charge can last years.

Clear Data Insights

Infinitracker has built-in sensors to monitor location and temperature.

IoT Gateway

Infinitracker can track your other Bluetooth-enabled IoT devices, and relay data from these devices to the cloud.

gps tracking device

Multiple Sensors. Multiple Insights.

Go beyond location tracking.

Track Temperature

Infinitracker's built-in thermometer means that your goods will maintain the proper temperature in transit. This is essential for a variety of goods including food, medicine, and chemicals.

Track Anything

Infinitracker can bridge to any Bluetooth-enabled IoT device, relaying hard-to-access information to a central hub. From pulling data off of rooftop sensors to tracking employee keycards, the applications for this capability are really endless and can be customized to the needs of your organization.


How Infinitracker Compares

gps vehicle tracker
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Frequently Asked Questions

How long does the battery really last?

Battery life depends on factors such as how many additional sensors you connect the device to and how often you opt to send data to the cloud. With minimal usage, Infinitracker could actually last up to 15 years, but for most use cases it will last a few years.

How does pricing work?

Infinitracker requires a subscription to operate. The $299 purchase price covers the first 3 years of use. After which, we charge $10 per month.

Does Infinitracker work in XYZ country?

Infinitracker uses an international SIM card to transmit data wherever on earth there is a cellular connection. This means that Infinitracker will reliably operate in nearly every country.

Does Infinitracker work in the middle of the Ocean?

Infinitracker does two things: record location data and transmit that data to the cloud. In off-the-grid locations, like the ocean, Infintracker will continue to record but it won't be able to transmit until a cellular connection is restored. As soon as the ship gets to port, however, you'll know it immediately.

What is an IoT Gateway?

Most organizations use a variety of bluetooth-enabled devices to manage and monitor their assets. By using Infinitracker as an IoT gateway, you can transmit information from those sensors to your dashboards.

What kind of Iot Sensors does Infinitracker Connect to?

All of them. However, some configuration work on our side may be required if you have a very niche sensor or use case.